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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Web Hosting?

If you decide to create a website and upload your files, images, videos or any other content, on the internet, the first and the most fundamental thing you should consider, is a powerful web hosting service.

What type of Hosting do I need?

Disk space and resources amount assigned to the server and also bandwidth of the server depends on your purpose. if you and your customer require to transfer numerous files, your host requires more disk space.

How do I choose a domain name?

8 important principles in choosing the ideal domain name

1. Short domain name is one of the most important factors in choosing a suitable domain name, and it is recommended that the domain name be less than 10 letters long.

2. Keeping the domain name in mind is the second most important factor in choosing a suitable name, and it must be said that the shortness of your domain name can make it memorable.

3. The name of the selected domain should be easy to write and pronounce because simplicity in these cases can keep the domain name in the minds of users.

4. Do not use duplicate letters, numbers and symbols in the domain name as much as possible because it usually makes it difficult to read the domain name. If you have to use these items in the domain name, try to make it easy for users to read the domain name.

5. Select the domain name in a way that reflects the scope of the site’s activity.

6. As much as possible, try to use the keywords in your site’s domain name.

7. To register a domain, try to use suffixes related to your site’s activity field and do not limit yourself to the .com extension.

8. Do not use duplicate names similar to other sites because the domain must indicate that your site is specific.

How can you help me and how can I reach your support?

Throughout the day, you can contact us via ticketing, email and online chat.

What makes HosTYR standout from other hosting providers?

We try to with provide a quality service, strong support, a young but experienced team , provide the best conditions for a satisfying hosting of your business and site.

Ticket Support

At any time of the day You can access the ticket section and share your problems and questions with us.

Email Support

If you can not send a ticket , whenever you need help you can contact us by email.

Chat Support

By online chat you can ask questions about buying new products at any time of the day.

World Class Hosting

Using the best and most powerful software and hardware features, collaboration with digital exports, and supporting our customers make us a global web hosting provider

30 Day Guarantee

There is no risk at HosTYR.You can cancel hosting services within 30-days of signing up to get a complete refund. Your satisfaction is our top priority (mission)