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.com domain

.com domain registration

One of the original top-level domains and the most popular internet domain.
from $9.99 – yearly
.net domain

.net domain registration

Another original top-level domains and the perfect replacement for .com
from $12.99 – yearly
.org domain

.org domain registration

A generic top-level domain with over 10 million registrations
from $12.99 – yearly

Domain Registration

.academy1 year$16.90$32.00$32.00
.actor1 year$14.95$38.95$38.95
.agency1 year$6.99$22.95$22.95
.asia1 year$16.90$16.90$16.90
.band1 year$14.90$24.90$24.90
.bid1 year$14.90$31.90$31.90
.bike1 year$10.95$31.95$31.95
.bio1 year$13.90$66.90$66.90
.biz1 year$15.90$15.90$15.90
.black1 year$13.65$51.65$51.65
.blog1 year$12.09$30.95$30.95
.blue1 year$18.90$18.90$18.90
.cafe1 year$11.90$30.95$30.95
.center1 year$6.90$19.90$19.90
.chat1 year$13.90$30.90$30.90
.cheap1 year$9.95$30.95$30.95
.city1 year$8.90$19.90$19.90
.club1 year$15.95$15.95$15.95
.co1 year$12.75$29.75$29.75
.codes1 year$10.90$49.90$49.90
.coffee1 year$11.90$31.90$31.90
.com1 year$9.99$9.99$9.99
.com.co1 year$13.95$13.95$13.95
.computer1 year$15.95$30.95$30.95
.cool1 year$30.95$30.95$30.95
.date1 year$14.95$30.95$30.95
.design1 year$49.30$49.30$49.30
.digital1 year$10.75$30.95$30.95
.doctor1 year$19.90$94.90$94.90
.download1 year$14.90$30.90$30.90
.email (EMAIL)1 year$19.90$19.90$19.90
.energy1 year$18.75$98.75$98.75
.eu1 year$8.70$8.70$8.70
.events1 year$14.90$30.90$30.90
.family1 year$24.90$24.90$24.90
.farm1 year$12.90$30.90$30.90
.fitness1 year$30.90$30.90$30.90
.fun1 year$8.90$23.90$23.90
.games1 year$19.90$19.90$19.90
.global1 year$73.90$73.90$73.90
.green1 year$74.90$74.90$74.90
.group1 year$14.90$14.90$14.90
.help1 year$30.90$30.90$30.90
.host1 year$21.90$94.90$94.90
.house1 year$12.90$31.90$31.90
.icu1 year$4.90$9.90$9.90
.in1 year$12.90$12.90$12.90
.info1 year$7.90$15.90$15.90
.international1 year$9.90$19.90$19.90
.kitchen1 year$15.90$49.90$49.90
.life1 year$5.90$30.90$30.90
.live1 year$5.90$22.95$22.95
.loan1 year$14.90$30.90$30.90
.market1 year$30.90$30.90$30.90
.me1 year$8.95$16.95$16.95
.media1 year$12.90$30.90$30.90
.men1 year$14.90$30.90$30.90
.mobi1 year$8.90$19.90$19.90
.money1 year$9.90$30.90$30.90
.movie1 year$289.35$289.35$289.35
.net1 year$12.99$12.99$12.99
.network1 year$6.90$19.90$19.90
.news1 year$14.90$23.90$23.90
.ninja1 year$9.90$19.90$19.90
.online1 year$14.90$37.90$37.90
.org1 year$12.99$12.99$12.99
.photography1 year$10.95$19.95$19.95
.photos1 year$10.95$19.95$19.95
.plus1 year$9.95$30.95$30.95
.pro1 year$5.90$16.90$16.90
.red1 year$18.90$18.90$18.90
.run1 year$9.90$19.90$19.90
.sale1 year$14.90$31.90$31.90
.services1 year$9.90$31.90$31.90
.shop1 year$9.99$34.99$34.99
.site1 year$17.95$30.95$30.95
.social1 year$13.90$32.00$32.00
.space1 year$8.99$22.99$22.99
.store1 year$19.95$59.95$59.95
.style1 year$10.90$30.90$30.90
.team1 year$9.90$30.90$30.90
.tech1 year$17.95$51.95$51.95
.technology1 year$9.95$19.95$19.95
.today1 year$7.90$19.90$19.90
.tools1 year$10.90$31.90$31.90
.top1 year$9.90$9.90$9.90
.tv1 year$33.99$33.99$33.99
.uk1 year$8.95$8.95$8.95
.university1 year$49.95$49.95$49.95
.us1 year$10.90$10.90$10.90
.video1 year$23.99$23.99$23.99
.vip1 year$15.90$15.90$15.90
.website1 year$9.90$22.90$22.90
.works1 year$6.90$30.90$30.90
.world1 year$6.90$31.90$31.90
.ws1 year$9.95$26.90$26.90
.xyz1 year$2.90$13.90$13.90
.zone1 year$9.90$30.90$30.90


Typically a domain name specifies a name for a network or site and … in the web space. a domain name can be any arbitrary name that has an extension, and the general form of a domain can be in the form of www.domainname.Domain extension.

Domain extensions include national and international extensions. which are international extensions that can be registered to all users for example .com, .net and .org include this category But national domains can only be registered by people with the nationality of the suffixed country. sometimes there are exceptions.

Domain Registration

Domain registration is done by domain registries and sites that act as registrars. Once the user has chosen their preferred domain name, they can request that domain name along with the domain extension for registration , if the domain is not already registered, the user can own the domain by paying for the domain extension.

The cost of registering a variety of domain extensions varies and some extensions are very cheap and some are very expensive and the user pays for the domain extension to register a domain.

Domain Registration

Find your domain And launch your web site or business. Selecting an appropriate domain is the first step for entering the Internet and having a website.

You can depending on the business or subject of your site, choose your preferred domain extension.

The most popular domain extensions are the same .com .net .org . You can register your domain with this domain extensions or other domain extensions.

WHOIS Privacy

Domain privacy is also known as WHOIS’ protection, hides the domain owner information and prevents other people from accessing the domain owner’s information.

With the help of Domain privacy you can hide information such as name, address, phone, email and more and instead, a series of general information is displayed from the Domain Registry.

Domain Management

You can easily manage your domains.Using the Domain Control Panel It is possible to manage various domain areas for all users.

Transfer Domain

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Domain Registration

You can search for your desired domain and Register domain if this is free.

Domain Renewal

You can extend your domains from 1 to 10 years.
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